Minimal Waste


River School knows we all affect the environment directly with our choices, and while our impact should be big, our imprint should be small.

We work to provide an eco-friendly environment for our friends. We encourage families to bring in environmentally sustainable food containers, and we offer reusable utensils and cups for friends. We provide personal cloth hand towels for all of our students, too. And, we use natural products (ranging from cleaning agents, to detergent, to compostable bathroom trash bags, to sponges) as much as possible!

River is a huge advocate of reusing and recycling! Many of our art projects are used from recycled containers, scraps of fabric, and paper that had been used in other crafts. And, as enthusiastic participants of the Garbage to Garden program, not only do we compost all of our food materials each day (our students are pros at helping us!), we put our compost right back into our garden! This “reusing” gift has helped us grow some beautiful veggies, fruits, herbs, flowers and plants, and we love this full circle approach!


By practicing environmental awareness around children, they grow to be conscientious of how our choices directly affect our impact on the earth. Without preaching or judgment, it is our goal to encourage healthy living for all of us!

Please email us to request a tour and receive our enrollment form with our program details and current tuition prices. We look forward to hearing from you!