Programs and Tuition

Our school day begins at 8:30 a.m. (9 a.m. for the Intro class) and ends at 3:00 p.m. and we follow the Yarmouth School District calendar, with our school year running between September through mid-June.

Depending on the specific school year and current needs, we may offer Early Care/After Care, and this is subject to change each year depending on demand.

Our individual programs are outlined below, and please email us for specific schedule options and current tuition pricing.

Intro to School: Ages 2.5 to 3 years old

A mix of guided activities with plenty of free discovery gently introduces the concept of structure. Children practice sitting together at circle, communicating with each other and teachers, and participating in Montessori works both individually and within a group setting. Verbal and social skills are developing through play, song, and exploration.

A quick note on “specials” and “celebrations” for our Intro to School Friends: Intro to School is designed as a gentle introduction into school, and we like to keep this program very simple for our youngest friends! The River “specials” (yoga, baking, art, field trips) and some “celebrations” are focused for our older classrooms, but this happens in the following years at River School when friends are ready (and very excited!) for these new things!

Preschool: Ages 3-4 years old

Through interactive lessons, Montessori works and free play, children get a bit of everything. The opportunity to engage in practical life skills allows children to develop their use of concentration and confidence. Yoga, art with the amazing Kat Gillies of Bread & Roses Art Collective, bake days, and music are also integrated into the program to balance the child’s mind, body, and spirit.

Pre-K: Ages 4-5 years old (with one year left of River)

In our program for older children, we still keep our fundamental elements the same, incorporating art with our artist in residence Kat Gillies, Montessori works, traditional educational lessons, free play, yoga, and baking into our weekly schedule.

We often get asked: “will my child be ready for kindergarten?” and we are happy to answer this question! We work closely with local schools to understand the expectations of incoming kindergartners. The most important “development” in Pre-K is the social skills, learning how to communicate and work with peers, and how to have a respectful presence in the classroom with teachers and friends, like sitting and participating in morning meeting and class activities. Academically, the most important development at this stage is building the awareness and CONFIDENCE around letters, numbers, and initial word building comprehension. We embrace children exactly where they are, since it’s important not to rush them (and squash that growing confidence) at this stage, especially since things like reading are not an expectation of incoming kindergarteners because teachers say most friends are not ready at that age, and that’s what kindergarten is for. Most importantly, we HAVE FUN in our Pre-K class! We blossom at the park with daily free play adventures in the sun and the snow, we get messy with projects, and we love every moment of letting kids be kids in this special time before they launch off to kindergarten.

Visiting Minds!

We are so lucky to welcome so many amazing people from our community into our school to help teach our friends about all the spectacular happenings out there. Over the years we have welcomed Islandport Press, Portland Symphony Orchestra violinist Yasmin Craig Vitalius, Sunflower Farm goats and friends, 317 Main Community Center, Ashok with Swan Kirtan, and many others! It’s such a wonderful part of River that we are tremendously grateful for.

For pricing details and more information, please email us and we are happy to get back to you with our current schedules and tuition rates. We look forward to hearing from you!